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Get it

This package is still in active development.

Then have a look to the vignette:

Things to implement before initial release

high level verbs

  • sniff turn a tailored tibble of files
  • digest an extrovert summary
  • ship make a tidy folder of images
  • review inspect carefully

Momit import export

import (accept list of files, return mom)

  • import_mom (=import)
  • import_mask (handles multi)
  • import_mask_Conte
  • import_tps
  • import_txt
  • import_*1

export (turn mom, into list of files)

  • export_mom (=export)
  • export_tps
  • export_*1

image post-processing

  • image_mask # turn any jpg into mask
  • image_canny # turn any mask(s) into list of coordinates

string helpers

  • str_sort_natural <- str_sort with numeric=T - also show how to fix
  • datasets

  • bot raw 40 jpg
  • acer two scans jpg
  • some tps
  • some txt